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So you finished the 2 day Better Wealth class…

  • You received education on the 20 Windows of Wealth.
  • You found out which windows you need to work on first.
  • You made new promises; you set new goals.
  • You are optimistic and yet, overwhelmed.

Are you worried that you will fall back into your ways?

Are you worried that you will break your promises?

How do you take everything you learned and put it to action?

PSI Seminars Presents
Better Best Network’s
Wealth Matrix
Only $1495
for 7 days after the wealth seminar
Regular price: $1995
The Wealth Matrix

The Wealth Matrix is a unique, interactive, step by step, not to be found anywhere wealthbuilding program created by Renee Cermak. The Wealth Matrix is designed to follow the 2 day Better Wealth class.

It’s not about how much money you make, it’s about how much money you keep and invest.


Is there anybody out there like me who thinks, “Just tell me what to do and I will do it.”? The Wealth Matrix was made for you.

The Wealth Matrix is a literal “how to” action plan on building a foundation for creating wealth. You will be given a road map, do this, now do this…all you have to do is follow it. A self-directed, online, team wealthbuilding program, the Wealth Matrix covers each and every Window of Wealth and allows you to customize your financial plan and expand your financial education.

A Road Trip to Wealth

A road trip is always more fun when you bring a few friends along. When you sign up for the Wealth Matrix, you’ll take on your financial goals with a minimum 3 other wealth-builders.

  • You will choose an Accountability Partner to play the Wealth Matrix.
  • The 2 of you will partner up with another pair to form a 4 person mastermind.
  • You will have weekly meetings with your mastermind team and daily interactions with your accountability partner.
  • You will get tools and strategies for how to create a successful mastermind and how to be successful in completing the Wealth Matrix.

The Wealth Matrix Keeps You On Track and Headed for Your Dreams

All of us have a dream of what we want our future to look like. Many times that dream gets overrun by daily challenges, procrastinating, postponing, rationalizing, justifying and not being held accountable. This is proven method that keeps you in action and on track.

  • The Wealth Matrix is a wealthbuilding tool using The Cermak 1000-Boxes Strategy™
  • There are 180 action items from each of the Windows of Wealth. You pick 150 to complete.
  • You choose your pace. You can complete it in 4 months, 6 months or 1 year.
  • The program is motivating and interactive. Each time you complete an item you get to “remove” a box to reveal your future wealthbuilding picture underneath made by your accountability partner.
  • Each participant will set a Net Worth goal, Increased Income goal and a Self-Esteem goal.
  • You will be held accountable by your accountability partner and your mastermind team.

Renee and Fred have spent several years developing their proven wealth building strategy, and they have created a step-by-step process anyone can follow, including you.

The Science of Wealth Building

Contrary to what many believe, you don’t need special talent, privilege, or luck to create wealth. There are thousands of stories about teachers, contractors, and other blue collar workers who have created multi-million dollar legacies.

The ‘secret’ is simple:

  • It’s not about how much money you make; it’s about how much money you save and invest.
  • What you focus on grows. You learned in the Better Wealth class that couples who spend 8 hours a month on wealthbuilding have 2x the net worth as those that don’t.

No secrets of the rich. No magic pills.

Just a proven, scientific, step-by-step road-map for your wealth building journey. In the Wealth Matrix, we have created an easy-to-follow path to financial freedom that actually works. We cover in detail the specific actions you need to take along the way to create a foundation to reach your financial goals.

At the end….

You will be more organized, aware, in control, protected, and equipped to receive wealth.

You will be in communication and leading your wealth team.

You will have explored many investment, retirement and tax strategy options.

You will have a new cash machine, higher credit score, a clear estate plan and will, improved self-esteem and greater net worth.

And, of course, greater peace of mind for today and tomorrow.

Wealth Building requires the Law of GOYA… Get Off Your Assets

Better Wealth
Better Wealth

At the Better Wealth Seminar you will learn how to build a better life through one-on-one coaching from real students of life – Renee Cermak and Fred Auzenne. You see, Renee and Fred have been there, and done that. They have experienced life’s pitfalls and have taken chances – and it’s paid off. They have built their dreams on hard work, taking risks, and being tough in a very unpredictable world. Let them help you fulfill your dreams.

“I wish I had this class 15 years ago. It would have saved me untold amounts of money.”
Mark S.
“This is hands down the most valuable 2 days I have ever invested in. Thank you!”
Kristen M.
“The tools were invaluable. The class will be paid for exponentially by putting even one concept into practice.”
Tom S.
“This was in the top 5 experiences of my life to date in terms of value, growth and benefit. I will never be able to be who I was financially before I walked into this class. I am forever changed for the better!”
Nicole T.
“This class was not only educations; it provided a much needed respite from all the negativity about money out there in the world! I feel empowered!”
“The class has left me feeling excited and thrilled about my future. I have been inspired about my future!”
Dean L.
“If you are reading this, then you are ready. Hiding from your truth is pure silliness. Stop it. The next step is to sign up and then attend. Where is that “stuff” they should have taught about money, real money? Here!”
Natalie S.
“I recommend this seminar to all, regardless of income or wealth. Of course, I especially recommend beginners to the course. Excellent class to start for W-2 looking to venture out.”
“Just more evidence that wealth building requires constant review of topics I’ve heard before, because I’m in a new level of wealth building.”
“This was a great starting seminar. It showed me the possibilities and pointed me in the direction to find out more. Definitely useful in peaking interest.”
“Because of this class, I feel more knowledgeable and confident about my money, my future, and my choices. I see light at the end of the tunnel. I have hope and excitement about what I can do now to create the future I want.”
Jennifer S.
“I gained so man new tools that I can begin to implement today toward building wealth. I have no doubt that my net worth will be much higher a year from now and will continue to grow – thanks largely to this class. Thank you!”
“Clarity is power and this course provides a definite starting “Point A,” and what is needed to get to “Point B.” The relationship with wealth and money are essential to growth, which is why this is invaluable.”
“This class allowed me to see my “Point A.” I had never calculated my net worth before. It made me more aware and gave me a game plan to start saving and planning for my future. Very valuable!! Thank you!!”
“Until this seminar I was kind of overwhelmed about my financial situation. This course has revealed to me what I have to do in order to succeed in my financial and life ventures. Thank you.”

$1495 for 7 days after attending the Better Wealth Seminar.
Regular price: $1995